How can I make my Pampas Grass fluffy?

Once you have received your pampas grass you can use one of three methods to fluff them out. You don't need to do this with slim pampas.

Please note that some shedding is normal and can be treated using extra hold hair spray and keeping the pampas away from high traffic areas in your household. 


  • Using a hair dryer on a cool setting run it up and down the plume and then spray using extra hold hair spray. Repeat this process every few months to prevent dust gathering and to maintain the pampas.

  • In an outdoor space, gently shake your pampas grass and spray it using extra hold hairspray and leave it, it will naturally open up. After 10 days it usually looks it's best.

  • Leave your pampas near a warm radiator for a few days and then spray it to hold its shape.

How long will my dried flowers last?

If cared for correctly dried florals can last many years, the following steps should help
  • Keep away from moisture, direct sunlight for long periods, open flames and candles.
  • Keep away from animals: cats love to play with pampas!
  • Keep away from babies and young children.

A gentle reminder - Dried flowers and dried foliage of any sort do not need watering.


Caring for other types of dried florals

  • Ruscus: Gently separate the leaves to open up the ruscus. Please be careful as it can be sharp.

  • Oats: Oats are top heavy so please handle the stems carefully

  • Wreaths: Gently shake the wreaths and use hair spray to hold the pampas in shape.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, please drop us an email for a price, sales@kanda-co.com


Do you have whole sale availability?

Yes we do, please go to our whole sale catalogue, for any queries please get in touch at sales@kanda-co.com


Do you do events, custom orders and commissioned pieces? 

These kinds of orders are our favourite! Definitely get in touch to bring your visions to life.